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IFF - Stromboli

Run time:
81 mins
Release date:
2 July 2022

Enticed into following Antonio, the silver-tongued inmate of a crowded internment camp in 1948 Italy, to his home island of Stromboli, Karin, a displaced Lithuanian, agrees to marry him. However, in the barren volcanic rock Antonio calls home, the dream of a better life soon turns sour, as contempt, hostility, and a daunting language barrier get in the way of happiness. But, only God knows how hard Karin has tried to fit in and reconcile her wants with the conservative inhabitants' unwavering beliefs; nevertheless, in vain. Now, as once-silent Stromboli begins to tremble, Karin must summon up the courage to pursue her dream, and above all, her freedom. Still, will Stromboli let Karin escape so easily?

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