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II Tottofare (Cinema Italiano Festival)

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Sergio Castellitto, Clara Alonso, Guglielmo Poggi
Running time:
1h 38m
Release date:
4th Jul 2021
Antonio Bonocore is the brilliant legal practitioner of one of Italy's more important practices. His boss is Salvatore "Toti" Bellastella: Professor of criminal law, subtle jurist and lover of classical antiquity. Bellastella shamelessly uses the young legal practitioner as his general chauffeur, personal chef and go-fer and finally in an offer that cannot be refused: a collaboration contract worth $10,000 euro per month that includes a gradual involvement in the most prestigious cases. All however on one small condition - that Antonio marries Bellastella's young Argentinian lover so she can become an Italian citizen. A marriage that won't be a bed or roses.